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Do you know the important point when selecting safety shoes?
Jul 05, 2017

Do you know the important point when selecting safety shoes?

safety shoes

When selecting footwear, it’s important to know what is making the floor slippery. Shoes 

designed to be slip-resistant in wet, outdoor conditions may not be effective on a shop 

floor coated with oily overspray or chemicals. Likewise, shoes designed for hospital or 

restaurant workers dealing with water or food-based oils may quickly degrade in industrial 

cutting oils.

Fortunately, the slip-resistant footwear market has grown significantly over the past 

decade; footwear is now available for tons of different work environments. Ask safety 

footwear manufacturers and suppliers for recommendations that match your specific needs. 

They will likely offer to test the footwear to demonstrate how it will work in a given 



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