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Coating Gloves includes Cut Resistant Coating Gloves Manufacture Chinese Wholesales, PVC Coated Grip Gloves Work Oil Resistance Gloves Fishman Work Gloves, latex dipped work gloves, rubber dipped gloves, Latex Foam Thermal Cold Protect Dipped Mechanix Work Wear Gloves, Wholesale Chinese Manufatcure Latex Free Disposable Surgical Gloves et al.
Take Wholesale Chinese Manufatcure Latex Free Disposable Surgical Gloves as an example.
Latex surgical gloves are one of the gloves. They are different from ordinary gloves and are processed from latex. It can be used as a family, industrial, medical, beauty and other industries. It is an essential hand protection product. Latex gloves made of natural latex and other fine additives. The products are specially surface treated and comfortable to wear. They are widely used in industrial and agricultural production, medical treatment and daily life.
Process brief
The rubber is first sliced by a rubber mixing machine, and then sliced and sent to a sol cylinder and a gasoline mixed sol. After the sol is emulsified and prepared, the latex intermediate tank is pumped. The rubber solution dissolved in gasoline is fed from the top of the distillation column, heated by steam distillation, and the light component gasoline is heated to a gas phase, and the gasoline gas is mixed and cooled by cold water in the oil and gas cooler.
The oil-water mixture is then passed to the oil-water separator and the oil moisture layer. The upper layer of gasoline is recovered, and the lower part of the water is pumped to the cooling tower for cooling. After cooling, the gas gasoline of the distillation tower is cooled; the distillation tower is sent to the latex mixing tank according to its own pressure, and the latex is separated from the centrifuge to separate the latex material of the glove. After being toned and filtered, it is ready for use.
The glove model is first cleaned by acid and alkali and washed with water. The washed model is first immersed in hot water and heated to the immersion coagulant and dried for dipping. After dipping, the oven is initially dried, added with fiber inner sleeve, washed with hot water and then sent to the oven for vulcanization and drying. After the mold is released from the mold, the air is inspected, low-temperature shaped, dried at medium temperature, washed, dehydrated, dried, and then packaged for delivery to the finished product warehouse.
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