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Nylon Cotton String Knit Work Gloves Manufacture Suppliers China

Nylon String Knit Gloves, Glove Liner is a professional options to the consumer. Seamless knitting structure provides maximum comfortable. 7 G knitting makes gloves thicker or heavier. 13 G knitting offers the gloves sensitive touch. PVC palm dotting, or PVC two side dotting makes the glove extra durable.


Nylon Cotton String Knit Work Gloves Manufacture Suppliers China

String Cotton gloves use for all kinds of areas, such as construction sites, daily life handling, electroplating workshop, metal stamping, plastic plants, chemical plants, steel manufacturing, shipyards, electronics factories, packaging products factory, printing enterprises, machinery manufacturing, restaurant canteen and most of the working environment. The nylon cotton gloves can be devided to the natural white cotton gloves, bleached cotton gloves. Normally the gloves are packaged with 12 pairs / bag, 600 pairs /bale. According to the weight, it can be 500 grams / dozen, 550 grams / dozen, 600 grams /dozen, 650 grams / dozen, 700 grams / dozen. The heavy weight of the gloves has more cotton. The proetcion is stronger than the lighter one.

The Nylon Cotton gloves is made by Nylon material. More safety products, pls check our website www.handoveppeproducts.com or www.handove.com; 

Product name: Nylon String Knit Gloves, Glove Liner.

Knitting machine: 7 G, 1 0 G, or 13-18 G. 

string knit gloves

Glove length and weight: 

7 G: 22 ~ 26 cm, 40 ~ 100 grams. Regular size & weight is 24±0.5 cm, 50±2 grams.

10 G: 22 ~ 26 cm, 35 ~ 80 grams. Regular size & weight is 24±0.5 cm, 50±2 grams.

13 G: 22 ~ 26 cm, 30 ~ 60 grams. Regular size & weight is 23±0.5 cm, 40±2 grams.

For more information, please contact info@handove.com to check details.

Material: Nylon, or polyester.

Color: White, or most of other colors.

Design: Seamless string knitting structure. Five fingers or fingerless. 

Dotting: PVC. Palm dotting or two side dotting. Available in different design & different color.

Packaging information: 

Regular packing: 12 pairs/bag, 300 pairs/carton.

Economy packing: 12 pairs/bag, 60 pairs/water-proof PP bag.

Delivery: 30 days after getting the deposit.

Payment: T/T.

M.O.Q: According to customer's request, can be negotiated.

OEM: Yes.

Item code: 

5330: 7 G, heavy weight

5332: 7 G, heavy weight, palm dotted.

nylon string knit gloves

5340: 10 G, white color.

5342: 10 G, white color, palm dotted.

10g nylon string knit gloves

5352: 13 G, white color.

13g string knit gloves

glove liner

5380: Glove liner. 13 G, fingerless design. This item is specially designed as a liner while wearing gloves in impermeable materials. For example: Latex household gloves, latex/nitrile/vinyl disposable gloves. Use alone, or as a liner to be used together with other functional gloves. Ideal for sports, leisure, industry, household, and medicine.

Xian Handove, with the excellent service, good quality, and cheap price. Our products must be your best option, to choose XIan Handove, your best choice. Twice in Canton Fair in every year, In April and Oct. If you iintested to the products, it will be great to see you on our booth. Before attending, we will updown all the information about our booth.  With a more elastic Lycra material, gloves and palm close fit, palms free from obstacles; easy to sweat in the joints using COOLMAX material to speed up the sweat export, keep the palm of your hand dry.

More information: http://www.handove.com/gloves-seamless%20string%20knit.html

If you're satisfied with our nylon cotton string knit work gloves manufacture suppliers china, welcome to contact us. As a professional PPE products supplier in China, we have various sizes, colors and designs of products at your choice.

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