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cotton Multi Purpose Gloves

Cotton Work Gloves, a multi purpose usage, can be use alone or use as a liner together with other fuctional gloves to protect hand. Seamless knitting structure provides maximum comfortable. 7 G, 10 G, or 13 G knitting offers wide option to wearer.


White Poly Cotton String Knit Work Gloves Chinese Manufacture Best Suppliers

Product name: Cotton Work Gloves, Multi Purpose Gloves.

Knitting machine: 7 G, 1 0G, or 13 G.

knitting gloves

Material: Cotton.

Color: Nature white color, or bleached white color. Available in other colors.

Design: Seamless string knitting structure. Five fingers design is the most popular options to buyer. Available in fingerless, or long sleeve design.

Glove length and weight: 

7 G: 22 ~ 26 cm, 40 ~ 90 grams. Regular size & weight is 24±0.5 cm, 50±2 grams.

10 G: 22 ~ 26 cm, 35 ~ 70 grams. Regular size & weight is 24±0.5 cm, 50±2 grams.

13 G: 22 ~ 26 cm, 30 ~ 50 grams. Regular size & weight is 23±0.5 cm, 40±2 grams.

For more information, please contact info@handove.com to check details.

Item code: 

5030: 7 G, nature white color.

5030A: 7 G, bleached white color.

5040: 10 G, nature white color.

5040A: 10 G, bleached white color.

5050A: 13 G, bleached white color.

5060-FINGERLESS: 7 G, or 10 G, fingerless design.

5060-SLEEVE: 7 G, or 10 G, long sleeve design.

shoulder wrist string knit gloves  fingerless string knit gloves

Packaging information: 

Regular packaging: 12 pairs/bag, 300 pairs/carton.

Economy packaging: 12 pairs/bag, 60 pairs/water-proof PP bag.

Delivery: 30 days after getting the deposit.

Payment: T/T.

M.O.Q: According to customer's request, can be negotiated.

If you're satisfied with our white poly cotton string knit work gloves chinese manufacture best suppliers, welcome to contact us. As a professional PPE products supplier in China, we have various sizes, colors and designs of products at your choice.

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