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Considerations when choosing a respirator
Feb 13, 2017

Considerations when choosing a respirator:

Choose a breathing mask can be a bit confusing. But some things to consider is the rating, 

and also the ease and comfort of wearing the mask. If the mask is not comfortable, you will 

not want to wear it when it is needed.

Cool Flow Masks:

Cool Flow masks have a gated valve that allows exhaled and hot air to easily pass out of the 

mask system, which makes for a drying, cooler fit to the user. Cool flow masks may be more 

expensive, but they make up for that in comfort of use! 

N95 Masks:

A variety of N95 Masks can be found on our website here. N95 masks filter out 95% of all 

particles over 0.3 microns or larger. While these masks are NOT oil resistant, they are 

easier breathing than the R and P variants of the 95 rated masks. N95 Masks are probably the 

most common Mask used today.

PAPR respirators:

PAPR or powered air respirators cannot be ignored. While much more expensive, PAPR systems 

provide a cooler, dryer respirator experience, and provide different levels of filtration 

where the breather is not responsible for "powering" the filtration mechanism. PAPR systems 

are a great solution for extended applications, or extended duration breathing protection.

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