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Do you know how choose the safety shoes sole?
Jul 07, 2017

Do you know how choose the safety shoes sole?

safety shoes

No single tread pattern is necessarily better than another – although safety shoe 

manufacturers have a lot of marketing out there to explain how features of their tread 

patterns help improve safety. That’s a good thing, but it’s still important to understand 

how those features actually help with slip resistance. Look for soles that:

1. Grip the ground firmly. Super-deep treads or patterns with a lot of voids can feel 


2. Have tunnels to channel water or oil away from the shoe. When you step in a liquid, it 

will choose the path of least resistance. If the tread has lots of channels or pathways to 

facilitate this, it will provide a safer step.

3 Have circular grips that help prevent hydroplaning better than square or triangular-shaped 



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