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Do you know PU coated work gloves?
Aug 30, 2017

Do you know PU coated work gloves?

PU coated work gloves

With its great stretch, strength, and low particulate shed, polyurethane adds a whole other 

class of properties to the palm-coated glove category.

Although it has been around for roughly seventy years, appreciation for its non-allergenic 

properties for use in medical equipment has grown only recently.

Known as having the unique quality of being quite ‘grippy’ without being sticky, finishing 

processes or substances like powder and chlorination are not required to reduce tackiness.

Polyurethane’s softness, combined with great puncture and abrasion resistance, make it a 

most versatile polymer. It is a very desirable coating for cut-resistant gloves, because it 

provides grip and boosts puncture resistance, all without adding bulk or reducing touch 

sensitivity. In addition, the low-particulate shed makes it a perfect choice for those 

working with electronics and in cleanrooms.

Chemically, polyurethane has excellent resistance to oils, solvents, fats, greases, gasoline, oxidation and ozone but has poor resistance to hot water and is not recommended for use above 79°C.


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