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Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of ear plugs?
Sep 08, 2017

Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of ear plugs?

ear plugs

Ear plugs can be mass-produced or individually molded to fit the ear. They can be reusable 

or disposable. On the positive side, they are simple to use, less expensive than muffs, and 

often more comfortable to wear when in hot or damp work areas. Some disadvantages are they 

provide less noise protection than some muffs, and should not be used in areas exceeding 105 

DBA. They are not as visible as muffs, making it more difficult for supervisor to check to 

see if workers are wearing them. They must be properly inserted and inserted hygienically to 

provide adequate protection.


1. small and easily carried

2. convenient to use with other personal protection equipment 

3. more comfortable for long-term wear in hot, humid work areas

4. convenient for use in confined work areas


1. requires more time to fit

2. more difficult to insert and remove

3. require good hygiene practices

4. may irritate the ear canal

5. easily misplaced

6. more difficult to see and monitor usage


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