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Do you know the advantages of PU coated glove?
Sep 04, 2017

Do you know the advantages of PU coated glove?

PU coated glove

1. They’re extremely flexible:

PU coating provides amazing stretch – which gives these gloves the best touch sensitivity 

of any work glove available. Considering most hand injuries occur when workers aren’t 

wearing gloves, it’s hard to overstate this benefit: workers are much more likely to agree 

to wear their gloves on the job if they won’t inhibit movement and prevent them from doing 

their job. And, from a safety standpoint, worker compliance is always a huge plus.

2. They’re relatively inexpensive:

Even though they won’t stand the test of time, nowadays, general purpose PU coated gloves 

can be purchased for as little as 70 cents per pair; that’s roughly 1/3 of the cost of an 

inexpensive general purpose work glove! This means that although you’ll have to replace 

them more often than other gloves, the cost per pair is extremely reasonable.

3. PU coating will provide you with an amazing grip:

Along with the overall value and flexibility it offers, PU coating will also provide you 

with an excellent grip – which, in a nutshell, is advantageous in most applications. As 

well, polyurethane coating has a low-particulate shed – meaning that choosing work gloves 

with this type of coating will reduce risk of contamination.


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