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Do you know the cuff of the leather gloves?
Jun 30, 2017

Do you know the cuff of the leather gloves?

leather glove

Application plays a large role in choosing a cuff style. Cuffs can add warmth, help prevent 

abrasion from particles falling into the glove, increase safety by doffing when caught in a 

machine and allow sleeves to be tucked.

1. Knit Cuff

Stretch-knit fabric, usually 2″ to 3″ long. Designed to protect the wrist and help prevent 

particles from falling into the glove.

2. Slip-On

Ends just at the wrist with no cuff. Easy to don and doff. Typically the most economical.

3. Safety

Usually about 2″ long, allowing covering for the wrist. Designed with a slit at the side to 

enable the wearer to throw the gloves off easily if they get caught.

4. Gauntlet

Same features as the safety cuff, but longer (typically 4″ vs. 2″). Protects the forearm 

and allows sleeves to be tucked into the glove.

5. Shirred Wrist

Help gather the leather at the wrist providing a more comfortable fit. Commonly found on 

gloves with safety cuffs.


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