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Do you know the string knit gloves?
Jul 12, 2017

Do you know the string knit gloves?

knit gloves

When talking about glove gauges, we’re referring to string-knit gloves. The gauge refers to 

the needles per inch. So a 7-gauge glove indicates that there are seven stitches knitted per 

inch of glove. The higher the number — 10-gauge, 13-gauge or 15-gauge — the more stitches 

that are knitted per inch. As the number of stitches per inch increase, the glove’s gauge 

increases as well. But as the amount of yarn increases, the thickness of yarn will decrease.

Each gauge of string-knit has its benefits and drawbacks. We’ll explore each the major 

gauges more in-depth,.

7-gauge are the heaviest weight gloves, they will be the thickest knit and offer the highest 

protection compared to other gauges. When string-knit gloves first came on the market as an 

alternative to leather, 7-gauge was the only option.

10-gauge is a medium weight string knit glove, they won’t be as thick as a 7-gauge glove 

and can be coated for added grip.

The sizing of the stitches between a 13 and 15-gauge glove becomes less noticeable. At these 

sizes, it's hard to tell the difference between them without having the gloves side-by-side. 

These are lightweight gloves which provide the highest dexterity and best tactile feel. 

Thinner gloves may not have as long of a life because of the yarns lower resistance.


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