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Do you know the suspension of a headwear?
Apr 05, 2017

Do you know the suspension of a headwear?

For a safety cap, the suspension system is as important as the shell. It holds the shell 

away from the head and acts as a shock-absorber. It also holds the shell in place on the 

head and allows air to flow freely.

safety cap

1.Adjust headband size so that headwear will stay on when the wearer is bending over, but 

not so tight that it leaves a mark on the forehead.

2.Ensure that the suspension is in good condition. The main purpose of the suspension is to 

absorb energy.

3.Look closely for cracked or torn adjustment slots, frayed material or other signs of wear.

4.Check the suspension lugs carefully. Long periods of normal use can damage the suspension. 

5.Perspiration, hair oils, dirt, insecticides, hair sprays and hair treatments can speed up 

the deterioration of suspension materials.

6.Replace the suspension if it has torn or broken threads.

7.Only use liners if approved by manfuacturer.

8.Do not put anything between the suspension and the shell. There must be a clearance inside 

the headwear while it is being worn. In case of a blow to the head, that space helps absorb 

the shock.

9.Do not use a suspension made by one manufacturer with products made by another 


10.Do not change or alter any of the suspension, liner or shell.


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