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Do you know when should use Hi-Viz gloves?
Oct 23, 2017

Do you know when should use Hi-Viz gloves?

Hi-Viz gloves

Generally when determining the type of personal protective equipment (PPE) that should be 

used on a job site, a hazard analysis should be performed. If your list of potential hazards 

turns up any of the following things, then you should consider using Hi-Viz gloves.

1. An environment where there might be traffic involved; could be on roadways where traffic 

is traveling at speed.

2. Under low light or nighttime working conditions.

3. Where workers must stand out from the background in which they are working; includes 

worksites with a lot of equipment, rural highways or on farms in order to differentiate 

workers from the environment.

4. Weather conditions that can obscure vision; rain, snow, fog or even bright sunlight can 

reduce visibility.

5. Worksites where workers can easily be distracted or have their attention focused away 

from the work at hand, such as a factory or industrial environment.

6. Conditions that could affect a worker’s perceptions of distance or time to react to a 

hazard. This includes long and straight distances, vehicles moving at high speeds or working 

surfaces that are slippery.

7. Jobs or job areas where vehicles are operated with partially or totally obscured sight 

lines. This could be anywhere that equipment is regularly operated in reverse, or where 

equipment is doing lifting out of the line of site of the operators.

8. Conditions where it is necessary to identify workers from each other.

Always remember to properly train employees on the proper usage and care of their Hi-Viz 

gloves to make sure that they are 100% effective on the job site.


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