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Do you know when you will need palm coated work gloves?
Aug 07, 2017

Do you know when you will need palm coated work gloves?

coated work gloves

1. You Need Good Grip in Slippery Situations:

It’s a problem as old as time: having good grip when you’re working in wet and oily 

conditions. Any mechanic or roughneck can confirm this.

The odds are against you when you’re up against oils and greases. The good news is that 

palm-coated gloves can noticeably improve your grip. When choosing a glove coating for these 

conditions, choose micropore nitrile. This style of nitrile glove has millions of tiny pores 

in the coating that create a suction on wet surfaces.

2. You’re Tired of Getting Jabbed and Stabbed:

Why is it that something as small as a splinter can feel like you’ve met with the wrong end 

of a porcupine? If you’re regularly facing puncture risks like splinters or glass shards, 

palm coatings will improve your day.

Look for a nitrile or latex palm coating to provide a good barrier between your hand and the 

pointy offender, like cut-resistant glove with nitrile palm.

3. You Want Some Flexibility Plus Protection:

We mentioned in the side note above that polyurethane isn’t great for oils and greases, but 

when you need protection and flexibility, polyurethane is your best option.

The coating protects your palms and the thumb crotch area, which are at a higher risk of 

cuts. And, with three open fingertips on each hand, you can work on a wide range of projects 

without taking off or changing gloves.


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