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Glove liner
Dec 07, 2016


1.Glove liner. As a liner to coated gloves, there are following options:

Sewing liner.

Seamless knitting liner: Available in gauge 7G, 10G, 13G, 15G, 18G. 

Normally the low the number of gauge is, the more the thickness will be. 

At same time, the more the number of gauge is, the more the sensitive will be.

2.Materials of liner. You have many options to select materials for seamless liner,

depends on usage & cost.

(1)Cotton or T/C: Offers comfortble touch to skin. Available on solid color, or

painted color.

(2)Nylon: Offers excellent elasticity, durability, and good strength to gloves.

Available on solid color, or painted color.

(3)Polyester: Similar to Nylon, offers low cost, but elasticity & strngth are not as

good as nylon.

(4)Arcylic: Offers good performance against thermo or cold.

(5)Aramide: For example, Kevlar or Nomex, offers good protection against fire,

heat, or cut. Cost is high.

(6)UHMWPE: For examples, Dyneema, offers good protection against cut.

(7)Knitting in 2-layer strcture.

Inner layer in cotton or bamboo, and outer layer in nylon offers both cool

comfortable to hand and good durability to gloves.

3.Ergonomic glove former.

Former in ergonomical design makes the gloves more flexible and more sensitive.

4.Coating and coating materials.

Available on *palm coating. *3/4 coating. *fully dipped.

There are many options on coating materials depending on usage.

*latex coating offers excellent soft & sensitive, 

*PU coating offers excellent sensitivity, 

*nitrile coating provides good charactor against mechanical harzard,

*PVC coating provides durability and good character against chemical hazard,

*Neoprene coating offers excellent performance against chemical harzard.

coated glove

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