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How is footwear selected
Feb 06, 2017

How is footwear selected?

Footwear must be chosen based on the hazards that are present. Assess the workplace and work 

activities for:

1.Materials handled or used by the worker.

2.Risk of objects falling onto or striking the feet.

3.Any material or equipment that might roll over the feet.

4.Any sharp or pointed objects that might cut the top of the feet.

5.Objects that may penetrate the bottom or side of the foot.

6.Possible exposure to corrosive or irritating substances.

7.Possible explosive atmospheres including the risk of static electrical discharges .

8.Risk of damage to sensitive electronic components or equipment due to the discharge of 

static electricity.

9.Risk of coming into contact with energized conductors of low to moderate voltage (e.g., 

220 volts or less).

10.Type of walking surface and environmental conditions workers may be exposed to (e.g., 

loose ground cover, smooth surfaces, temperature, wet/oily, chemicals, etc.).

Also, evaluate the risk:

1.to ankles from uneven walking surfaces or rough terrain

2.of foot injury due to exposure to extreme hot or cold

3.of slips and falls on slippery walking surfaces

4.of exposure to water or other liquids that may penetrate the footwear causing damage to 

the foot and the footwear

5.of exposure to rotating or abrasive machinery (e.g., chainsaws or grinders)

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