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How to choose a leather work glove?
Jun 19, 2017

How to choose a leather work glove?

leather work glove

The wide variety of choices in leather work gloves means that there is almost always “the 

perfect” one for any given application. Finding that glove, however, may not always seem so 

easy. By understanding the differences between available features, you can narrow the 

playing field and make an educated decision.

Follow the 5 steps below and you’ll be on your way to finding the perfect leather glove:

1.Choose a Type of Leather

Leather is made from the tanned hides of various animals. Leather quality varies because it 

is a natural product. The most common types of leather used for work gloves are: cowhide, 

pigskin, deerskin and goatskin.

2.Choose a Pattern

Gunn cut or clute cut. The way a glove is cut helps determine the dexterity and comfort you will receive.

3.Choose a Thumb Design

Straight thumb, wing thumb and keystone thumb.

Sometimes, a seemingly small detail like thumb design can make a big difference in the 

comfort or functionality of a glove that is worn all day.

4.Choose a Cuff Style

Knit, slit-on, safety, gauntlet and shirred wrist.

Application plays a large role in choosing a cuff style. Cuffs can add warmth, help prevent 

abrasion from particles falling into the glove, increase safety by doffing when caught in a 

machine and allow sleeves to be tucked.

5.Choose a Lining

Cotton and jersey, wool and pile, thermal.

Although they are traditionally added for warmth, linings can also help make gloves more 

comfortable for long-term wear.


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