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How to choose a right heat resistant glove?
Mar 24, 2017

How to choose a right heat resistant glove?

heat resistant glove

Turn your search for the right work gloves to evaluating the object that you need protection 

against. If you handle hot metal or another material, you’ll need to know the temperature 

of that object in order to choose the right hand protection. 

The next step is to determine how long you typically stay in contact with that object. 

If it’s a minute or longer, you’ll require a different pair of heat-resistant gloves than you 

would for something that you would only come into contact with for a few seconds.

Finding the right heat-resistant gloves is a fine balance: if you choose the highest 

possible level of heat protection, you’ll probably stay safe from injury — that is unless 

you feel the need to peel off those gloves because you can’t perform your job properly. 

That’s a real risk. Gloves are only as good as your willingness to wear them, and that 

depends on how freely you can work with them on. For this reason, it’s important to 

carefully consider how much heat resistance you need, as well as how important of a factor 

dexterity is in order to allow you to get the job done.


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