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How to choose a safety glasses
Mar 08, 2017

How to choose a safety glasses?

Your eyes are sensitive and they need protection, especially when working with equipment 

that can cause burns or create flying debris that may penetrate the eye. Keep your eyes 

protected by selecting the right pair of safety glasses for the job.

safety goggles


Clear polycarbonate lenses with side protection are the best features for welding glasses 

when it comes to protecting your eyes from hot sparks, splashes from molten metal and high-

temperature exposure.


Prevent chemicals like toilet bowl cleaners from splashing into your eyes with safety goggles. 

Goggles with side vents are ideal to keep air flowing in and moisture out.


Protect your eyes from branches, flying debris and UV protection with safety glasses that 

have transition lenses, which will automatically adjust to your lighting condition.


Look for safety glasses with an enhanced nose piece design and integrated ridges to channel 

away sweat while on the job.


Choose curved, polycarbonate lenses for your construction projects. These qualities will 

provide superior impact resistance as well as peripheral vision and extra protection on the 



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