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How to choosing disposable gloves?
Aug 09, 2017

How to choosing disposable gloves?

disposable gloves

1. Choosing the Right Thickness of Glove:

The thickness of a disposable glove is measured in mils.

A mil = one thousandth (0.001) of an inch.

2. Powder Versus Powder-Free Gloves:

During the webinar we discussed the FDA ban on powdered surgical gloves.

The ban would only refer to medical and surgical grade gloves and only in the United States, 

meaning other countries and other industries could use a powdered option.

3. Do You Need Color Coding:

Color coding is particularly useful in industries like food service and food processing.

If a worker doesn’t change gloves between tasks, there’s a risk of transferring 


If a worker is handling raw chicken and then begins sorting vegetables, harmful and deadly 

bacteria, like salmonella, can be transfers.

Different colored gloves would be assigned to different areas of the process to reduce this 

sort of contamination.


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