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How to choosing the best cotton working gloves?
Jul 26, 2017

How to choosing the best cotton working gloves?

cotton working gloves

Do you need a seamless knit, or a cut and sewn glove. Seamless knits are better than cut and 

sewn gloves for general purpose use. They are inexpensive and fit better. If you are using a 

cut and sewn glove because that’s what you’ve always used.

If you’ve decided cotton gloves are really the best choice for your facility, you need to 

decide the “gauge” ,meaning number of stitches per inch of the knit. The most common, and 

least expensive gauge for cotton glove is 7-gauge.

For choosing the best possible general purpose cotton glove, you’ll want to look at 

abrasion resistance, weight and price. Most of the time, purchasing agents look at what is 

going to cost us. Fair enough, however, if your gloves are being replaced too often because 

of premature wear, you are not actually saving anything. A good general purpose 7-gauge 

cotton glove (with dots for enhanced grip). In the end, the heavier the weight of the glove 

is, means it will last longer against than any other pair.


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