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the classification of PPE
Dec 09, 2016

According the location of protection, the classification of PPE are 8 sorts.

1.Safety cap. Ideal for head protection, anti-collision and anti-extrusion. Main material are PE, rubber, lasses, gummed paper and rattan.

2.Safety glasses. Ideal for eye protection. Include welding glasses, stove glasses, anti impact glasses, anti UV rays glasses and ect..

3.Safety mask. Ideal for prevention harmful particulate, include dust mask, chemical respirator and oxygen respirator.

4.Safety earmuff. Ideal for ear protection, include ear plug, ear muff and helmet ear muff.

5.Safety shoes. Ideal for foot protection, the function include anti insulation, anti-static, impact resistance, penetration resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance and slipping resistance.

6.Safety glove. Ideal for hand protection, include disposable gloves, household gloves, knitting gloves, coating gloves and welder gloves.

7.Safety belt. Prevention fall.

8.Coverall. Ideal for body protection, avoid the physical or chemical harm.

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