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the difference of coated gloves
Feb 03, 2017

Latex? PVC? PU? Nitrile? These various glove coatings can get confusing. It's important to 

know the differences between them in order to make sure your hands are well protected.

Latex coated gloves are great for a number of tasks including general maintenance, shipping, 

receiving, assembling, and concrete/brick/lumber handling. Below are some general features 

of latex coatings.

1.Very high elasticity and grip.

2.Great tear resistance.

3.Resists alcohol.

4.Performs poorly around most hydrocarbon and organic solvents (i.e. gasoline).

5.Can cause allergic reactions.

latex coated gloves

Nitrile/Nitrile Foam coated gloves provide excellent resistance to punctures, cuts, snags, 

abrasions, oils, and fuels. Below are some general features of nitrile coatings.

1.Synthetic version of latex.

2.Three times more puncture resistant than rubber.

3.Stands up well to oil.

4.Additional foam coating acts like a sponge, helps increase gripping power.

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Polyurethane (PU) coated gloves are great for small parts handling. Below are some general 

features of PU coatings.

1.Grips well without being sticky.

2.Great breathability and dexterity.

3.Resists oil, solvents, gasoline, fats, greases, ozone, and oxidation.

4.Poor resistance to hot water.

PU coated gloves

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) coated gloves are designed for liquid and slight chemical 

resistance as well as handling abrasive materials coated with grease and oils. They can be 

single dipped or double dipped and are also available with a smooth or rough exterior 

finish. Below are some general features of PVC coatings.

1.Economical material.

2.Good abrasion resistance but may be susceptible to punctures, snags, and cuts.

3.Many types of glue won't adhere to it.

4.Stays flexible at lower temperatures.

5.Effective against water and detergents.

6.Limited chemical resistance to organic solvents.

PVC coated gloves

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