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The tips of safety cap
Dec 23, 2016

The tips of safety cap

1.Before wearing, it should be checked the accessories whether assembly firm. Make sure all parts are in good condition.

2.According to the size of the user's head, it should be adjusted the cap hoop to the appropriate position. The safety caps for steeplejacks must be with chin strap and neck hoop 

and should be fast, to prevent slipping and taking off.

3.If the safety cap is hit by a great impact, whether or not the cap shell is obviously broken or deformed, the safety cap should be replaced. Generally, the expiry date of safety 

cap is not more than three years.

4.Safety cap should not be stored in acid and alkali, high temperature (above 50 degrees Celsius), direct sunlight, humidity, etc., avoid heavy objects extrusion or sharp objects 

touch thorn.

5.Cap shell and cap lining can be washed by cold water, warm water (below 50 degrees C). It can not be baked in the radiator, to prevent the deformation of the shell.

safety cap

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