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What's the advantages and disadvantages of ear muffs?
Sep 11, 2017

What's the advantages and disadvantages of ear muffs?

ear muffs

Ear muffs can vary with respect to the material and depth of the dome, and the force of the 

headband. The deeper and heavier the dome, the greater the low-frequency attenuation 

provided by the protector. The headband must fit tightly enough to maintain a proper seal, 

yet not be too tight for comfort. Some advantages are that ear muffs usually provide greater 

protection than plugs, although this is not always true. They are easier to fit, generally 

more durable than plugs, and they have replaceable parts. On the negative side, they are 

more expensive, and often less comfortable than plugs, especially in hot work areas. In 

areas where noise levels are very high, muffs and plugs can be worn together to give better 



1. less attenuation variability among users

2. designed so that one size fits most head sizes

3. easily seen at a distance to assist in the monitoring of their use

4. not easily misplaced or lost

5. may be worn with minor ear infections


1. less portable and heavier

2. more inconvenient for use with other personal protective equipment.

3. more uncomfortable in hot, humid work area

4. more inconvenient for use in confined work areas

5. may interfere with the wearing of safety or prescription glasses: wearing glasses results 

in breaking the seal between the ear muff and the skin and results in decreased hearing 



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