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What’s the difference between grain and split leather gloves?
Aug 04, 2017

What’s the difference between grain and split leather gloves?

leather gloves

Split leather is the term most often heard within the glove industry, but you’re probably 

more familiar with its other name: suede.

When the leather is first removed from the hide of an animal, it’s extremely thick. So, the 

first thing we do with the leather is split it cross-sectionally, into layers. The bottom 

layer is made into what we call “split-leather.”

When it comes to work gloves, split-leather has several different advantages:

1. Split-leather has high abrasion resistance: This has to do with its dense fibers and how 

they lock together.

2. No synthetic product offers anything close to its level of abrasion resistance.

3. Split-leather has amazing puncture resistance.

4. Impressive flexibility compared to other types of leather.

5. More water resistant than grain leather.

Grain leather is the top layer of the leather after it’s been split apart. Grain leather is 

more expensive than split-leather because of its appearance. Since it’s more aesthetically 

appealing, grain leather is usually found in commercial goods like purses and shoes.


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