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Which leather work gloves are right for you?
Jul 24, 2017

Which leather work gloves are right for you?

leather work gloves

Here are six tips for choosing the right leather work gloves:

1. When it comes to work gloves, many people don’t like change. Many people use leather 

work gloves because that is what they always used.

There are a few exceptions to the rule where leather gloves perform better:

(1) Applications that need flame resistance, like welding or oil and gas because leather is 

flame resistant.

(2) Heavy-duty abrasive applications such as lumber handling.

2. Here are the main styles to choose from in order of highest to lowest dexterity:

(1) Drive and Roper Style Gloves.

(2) Leather Palm String-Knit Gloves.

(3) Clute Cut Leather Work Gloves.

(4) Safety Cuff Leather Gloves.

3. n general, the leather with the best combination of dexterity and durability is goatskin. 

It is very thin and flexible but surprisingly abrasion resistant.

If your application requires exceptional durability go for cowhide, horsehide or even water 

buffalo, with water buffalo being the most durable.

Sheepskin is a good choice for ultra-fine dexterity required for some welding gloves, but 

the durability is not generally suitable for work gloves.

4. Split leather is less expensive and good for application where oil absorption is an 

advantage. Grain leather is better for working outdoors and is more durable.

5. Leather is not cut resistant. A cotton glove is more cut resistant than a leather glove 

of an equal weight. That’s why it is a good idea to choose a glove a leather glove with a 

cut-resistant liner for added protection.


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