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Why the slip resistant is important for a safety shoes?
Mar 20, 2017

Why the slip resistant is important for a safety shoes?

Construction site’s tend to hazardous environments in which there is the potential for a 

variety of different hazards, slipping is one which should be considered as much as the 

possibility of heavy items falling on workers’feet.

There is a tendency for the anti-slip qualities of footwear to be documented in less than 

precise language. For example, you’ll find footwear descriptions that discuss the excellent 

anti-slip qualities or the grip improving ability of the soles, but you very rarely find 

footwear manufacturers supplying information about the method in which they were tested.

At all times you should consider the comfort of the wearer, because if an item of PPE such 

as anti-slip footwear is uncomfortable there is a high likelihood of non-compliance.

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