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Cow Leather Gloves

Everyone knows that labor insurance gloves are not the same price, and some are more expensive. In particular, Cow Leather Gloves, and leather work gloves are also available at different prices due to different leather grades. In fact, the classification of the grade is mainly for the cow two-layer leather, such as sheepskin, pigskin, bovine head layer, etc. These flexibility is better, the solid material generally has only one level, for the non-cow layer leather material. Because its appearance and its own toughness can be divided into three levels: A, B, and C.
Top layer skin:
The outermost layer of leather is taken from the skin of the leather. This leather does not require any machining or finishing.
Advantages of the first layer of gloves: dexterous, comfortable and precise grip.
Second layer skin:
The inner layer of the leather is obtained by cutting or removing the outer layer of the dermis. The advantages of the two-layer leather gloves: wear-resistant, suitable for dry and heavy physical labor.
The type of leather and its advantages
Bull's head skin: Most protective gloves use the cow's head layer, which is mainly scraped from the ribs. Features: soft, dexterous, comfortable, abrasion resistant, tear resistant and puncture resistant.
Cow split leather: Most gloves made of split leather are used for handling and heat protection. Usually choose the second layer of skin on the back of the cow, choose less of the shoulder part, the quality of the second layer of the rib is not good, and it is rarely used. Features: The cost is lower than that of the cow's head layer, and the wear resistance is excellent.
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