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Driver Gloves

It is best to wear gloves when driving. If you don't wear gloves, it will affect safety. It is a potential safety hazard to use only one finger or a scarf to cover the steering wheel. When you need to change lines and avoid, one finger can't complete the steering action. The final result is a traffic accident.
 When the weather is cold, it is best to wear gloves and hold the steering wheel in parallel with both hands. Whether it is turning the steering wheel counterclockwise or clockwise, the push and pull forces used by both hands are the same, and the movement, the avoidance and even the snake movement can be completed smoothly.
No gloves affect your health. The car is always shaking during driving. When the road is uneven, the dynamic balance of the wheel is broken, and the drive shaft is excessively worn, the body vibration is caused. The vibrations are more damaging to the driver's health, especially the hands and feet. Wearing a pair of gloves to drive can reduce the harm caused by vibration to the human body.
Scientific research shows that under the influence of vibration, the conditioned reflex function of people who drive for a long time will be inhibited, the nerve endings will be damaged, the pain function will be significantly reduced, and the ability to adapt to changes in environmental temperature will be reduced. The vibration will also make long-term drivers The palms are sweaty, the nails are crunchy, the arm muscles are paralyzed, the grip strength is reduced, the bones and joints are decalcified, localized bone hyperplasia or deformed arthritis. Strong vibration and noise will stimulate the human body for a long time, and will cause autonomic dysfunction, nausea, insomnia and other symptoms. Medically, the disease caused by such vibrations is often referred to as "shock disease."
Choosing a pair of soft gloves Some owners are worried that wearing gloves becomes a "robot" and there is no feeling of driving. Nylon gloves and ordinary leather gloves are easy to slip and the gloves are driven by the driver. These are all misunderstandings about driving and wearing gloves.
The real Driver Gloves will use non-slip flipping or fine particles to prevent slipping on the palms and fingers; use a more elastic Lycra material in the active part of the wrist, the gloves fit tightly on the palms, and the palms are free to move. Obstruction; use COOLMAX material in joints that are prone to sweating, accelerate sweat release, and keep palms dry.
Professional Driver Gloves are expensive and you can choose a more cost-effective bicycle glove. The anti-slip and breathable function of bicycle gloves is similar to that of car gloves. Only the bicycle gloves pay more attention to the protection function of the opponent, and the vibration-absorbing and wear-resistant materials are added to the parts of the knuckles and the back of the hand that need to be protected. In addition, the color and appearance of bicycle gloves are more avant-garde and sporty. Whether the glove is suitable or not is known. In the case of difficult choices, a pair of softer gloves can get the approval of the hand.
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