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Vibration Damping Gloves Leather Anti Vibration Gloves Manufacture Classic For Man Supplier

Vibration Damping Gloves Leather Anti Vibration Gloves Manufacture Classic For Man Supplier

Vibration damping gloves is a traditional product to protect hands. Gloves made of synthetic material became more and more popular right now. Unfortunately no of them has the comprehensive performance as good as genuine leather. All leather gloves in driving design is always a premium option for buyer. Traditional driver design with ergonomic keystone thumb provides maximum comfortable to wearer.


Vibration Damping Gloves Leather Anti Vibration Gloves Manufacture Classic For Man Supplier

Anti-vibration gloves are based on yarn gloves and leather gloves, in the palm of the hand plus a certain thickness of the foam, latex and air sandwich synthetic rubber or foam rubber to absorb vibration. Winter can be attached to the cold gloves in the above materials, but also can play the effect of anti-vibration, can also be used for pneumatic hammer drilling and other types of motorcycles or motorcycle drivers. Maipper's anti-vibration gloves are mainly used for job protection.

Category Description

1. Rubber tube method This method is in the palm of each finger and between the set of fixed rubber tube made of natural rubber, it has the advantage of absorbing vibration and can be bent. And has the heat and heat resistance, it is widely used. 2. Sponge method This method is to install a sponge in the palm, if the sponge is thick, can improve the absorption of vibration effect. However, if it is too thick, the resistance of the bent part will increase, hindering the operation. So, according to the job requirements to choose is very important. 3. Aims of the eye This type of glove is of very low quality, good workability and damage to the surface of the gene due to external forces. Its performance of absorbing vibration will be reduced and it is not suitable for destructive work. 4 ways to share the eye and sponge Because the eye of the eye under the action of external force easily damaged plus sponge can effectively prevent this situation, and the absorption of high vibration performance, easy to use. 5 way to load air This way is to use professional air pump into the glove into the air, its performance is very superior. But the air is too full, it will be very easy to break. So, loaded to 7 minutes full is the best. 6 way with a round rubber buffer This method is the same as the octopus sucker rubber tube cut short, installed on the nylon gloves, this alone will be able to avoid some vibration. On this basis, wear leather gloves (mainly leather working gloves), the effect will be more obvious. 7. Cotton cover gloves, even if the two overlap, is compressed, the rebound is small, the effect of absorbing vibration is also small, not the desired results.

Product name: best anti vibration gloves, vibration dampening gloves, vibration resistant hand gloves, leather anti vibration gloves.

Leather: Genuine cow grain leather.

Palm: Vibration damping pad on palm and five fingers.

Size: L=9”, XL=10”, XXL=11”.


Packaging information: 12 pairs/bag, 120 pairs/carton, carton size: 64*28*38 cm. 

Net/gross weight: 13/14 kgs.

Payment: T/T.

M.O.Q: According to customer's request, can be negotiated.

Logo: HANDOVE trade mark DOVE

OEM: Yes.

More information: http://www.handove.com

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