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Mechanic Gloves

The hand is one of the most delicate and dense organs in the human body. It consists of 27 bones, accounting for 1/4 of the total number of human bones, and the distribution and organization of muscles, blood vessels and nerves are extremely surprisingly complex. Only the length of the capillary per square centimeter on the fingertip can reach several meters.
There are thousands of ends. These fine neural networks allow us to perceive cold, heat, pain, etc. in a few microseconds, and even feel the vibrations that are as small as the hairline. From the date of birth, the hand has not stopped the activity, and by the end of life, the hand can move an average of 250 million times. However, we often overlook the importance of the hand and neglect the proper protection of it, so that hand injury accidents account for 20% of all types of work-related accidents. This shows that the correct selection and use of protective equipment is necessary.
Common gloves
Mechanic Gloves can be applied to meat processing enterprises and individuals, large restaurants and hotels, supermarket chains, etc., the personnel who operate the equipment bring this glove to protect the hands and wrists, safe and secure operation equipment, and improve processing efficiency.
1. Stainless steel, nylon strap. Five-finger anti-cut wire gloves, made of countless small rings.
2. Provides excellent anti-wear, cut-resistant, anti-poke protection, comfortable to wear and easy to clean.
3. A single glove can be adjusted by using the straps and the two hands are used interchangeably. 4. Safe and hygienic, easy to clean.
5. The degree of protection reaches level 5.
6. The cuffs are available in Velcro or Buttons for easy detachment.
7. Suitable for cutting instruments such as knives: hotels, supermarkets, meat joints, textile and garment factories.
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