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Pig Leather Gloves

Labor protection gloves are labor protection gloves. Gloves are the oldest known gloves. The first layer of cowhide, goatskin, pigskin and sheepskin are made of these leathers and are not easily damaged. The long service life and meticulous processing make the Pig Leather Gloves comfortable to wear and hold the items accurately, and the leather gloves also have the advantages of better heat resistance and insulation.
Pig skin:
Pig's top layer and second layer skin: Most of them are concentrated in Asian countries. Because of their poor mechanical resistance and poor dexterity after tanning, they are used for simple isolation gloves. Features: low price.
 Grade A leather burrs are small and thin, very smooth, and have good flexibility;
Grade B fur is more and thicker, and some with dark blood crystals will be classified as Class B;
Grade C is very poor, blood crystals are more, and most of them are clear blood crystals, which makes people feel broken at any time.
But we all know that it is impossible to have all the leather materials the same when it is out of stock, which is divided into AB and BC. Generally, the A-level B-class is relatively small, the amount is small, the price is higher, because it is too troublesome and expensive, generally not recommended, for the C-class because it is too bad, so do not do it, the AB level Will contain some Class A and some Class B, the overall quality is between A and B. There are some B-class and some C-class in the BC class, and most of them are mostly blood-stained. Therefore, in general, if we buy, it is best to buy the grade AB leather protective gloves, so the quality will not be too bad, and the safety of our work is also more secure.
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