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China Supplier Pig Skin Gloves Manufacturers Pig Grain Leather And Fabric Mixed Gloves For Working

Pig skin gloves, Pig grain leather work gloves, Pig grain leather rigger is a luxury option for buyer. Genuine pig grain leather is in premium quality. Traditional rigger design & palm liner offers comfortable to wearer. Leather palm, forefinger, finger tips, knuckle strap. Durable double stitching sewing. Fabric in different colors provides more options to buyers. Rubberized cuff. Ideal for heavy duty work.


China Supplier Pig Skin Gloves Manufacturers Pig Grain Leather and Fabric Mixed Gloves For Working

Leather is a natural product with special characteristics that make it comfortable to wear, and give it great strength and flexibility. Because it is a natural product, with its own unique variations, every piece has its own individual characteristics. As they are worn and used, leather gloves (especially if they fit snugly) will conform to the wearer's hand. As this occurs the leather of the glove will become more malleable, and thus softer and more supple. This process is known as 'breaking-in' the glove. Overtime wear spots may appear on certain parts of the palm and fingertips, due to the constant use of those areas of the glove. Creases and wrinkles will appear on the palm side of the leather glove and will generally correspond to the locations of the hinge joints of the wearer's hands, including the interphalangeal articulations of hand,metacarpophalangeal jointsintercarpal articulations, and wrists.

Product name: Pig skin gloves, Pig grain leather gloves, Pig skin work gloves, Pig grain leather work gloves, Pig grain leather rigger.

Design: Traditional rigger design. 

Fabric: Cotton drill in solid color. 

Safety cuff: Rubberized cuff. 

Leather: Pig grain leather in premium quality, beige color, thickness: 0.9 -1.2 mm. 

Liner: Palm lined.

Size: XL=10”.

Item code: 

pig grain leather gloves

1110: Beige color.

pig gear gloves

1100N: Nature white color.

pig leather gloves

Packing information: 

12 pairs/bag, 120 pairs/carton, carton size: 65*28*46 cm. Net/gross weight: 17/18 kgs.

Delivery: 30 day after receiving payment to deposit.

Payment: T/T.

MOQ: According to customer's request, can be negotiated.

Logo: HANDOVE trade mark DOVE

OEM: Acceptable.

More information: http://www.handove.com/pig.html

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