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Winter Leather Gloves

Winter Leather Gloves is undoubtedly a pair of fashion and warmth gloves, which is also superior in luxury and luxury. The autumn leather jacket with winter coat will look high and atmospheric, so it is also the most elite and elegant. Leather shoes or leather boots are the first choice for it, but walking with the wind is not suitable for the serious attributes of leather gloves. Fastening the button of the coat will make it look cooler.
When choosing Winter Leather Gloves, pay attention to "three look":
1. Look at whether the gloves are flat, whether the fingers are round, whether the two sizes are the same, and whether they are paired.
2. See if the stitching is neat, whether the distance is even, and whether there are jumpers or missing needles at the seams of the side strips.
3. See if the color of the fabric is basically the same, whether there are holes or cracks in the leather surface.
Daily care
1. When the leather is in contact with the outside world for a long time, it will cause moisture inside. It should be placed in a ventilated place to prevent it from breeding bacteria. It can also store a proper amount of moisture-proof beads.
2. Inadvertently damp the leather, use a dry cloth to absorb moisture, then put it in a cool and ventilated place, naturally dry, not placed in the sun under the sun or put on a hair dryer to avoid explosion, deformation and hardening.
3. The dermis should not be placed in an environment where the temperature is too high, too low, and the humidity is too high, otherwise it is prone to wear.
4. Clean the leather. Do not rinse with water or use chemical agents. Wipe with a soft cloth with a cotton cloth.
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