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Again! AQI 489, Class I Emergency Response Has Started In Xi'an City.
Jan 03, 2017

The AQI in Xi'an city is 489.


On 2nd, Jan, 2017, after starting the heavy pollution red warning, the expertes of provincial environmental, meteorological, emergency related aspects  on the city's ambient air quality had an emergency meeting. Then they announced that Xi'an weather conditions were still not conducive to the proliferation of pollutants, with the continued accumulation of pollutants, Xi'an, the overall trend of increasing air pollution, air quality would continue. In accordance with the "Xi'an heavily polluted weather emergency plan" provides that the Xi'an heavy pollution weather emergency command decided at 8:00 on 2nd, Jan, 2017, start heavy polluting weather Ⅰ level emergency response. All kindergartens, primary and middle schools are closed again!

And it is not first time to aannounce the pirmary and middle schools are closed, but the 2017 just starts 3 days. It is harmful to breath in the air. So how can we protect our family and ourselves in the air? So, the most important is to wear the good masks and respirator. And XIAN HANDOVE INDUSTRY AND TRADING CO., LTD is trying to sell the suitable mask for everyone, specially for the workers. Now, we have breath protection, including  Half Mask Airt Purify RespiratorParticulate respirator. 

purify respirator

mask repirator

Your safety is our concern.

More information, pls contact with us. We are always be here and waiting for you.

Your safety is our concern.

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