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Class Ⅱ Emergency Response Has Started 6 Day In Xi'an City
Dec 15, 2016

Since Xi'an heavily polluted weather emergency command decided at 8:00 am, 8th, Dec to start heavy polluted weather Ⅱ level emergency response, the air quality has not improved, until 10:00 pm, 14th, Dec, class Ⅱ emergency response has started 6 day.

China Business News reporter query monitoring data found that Xi'an's air quality has been in heavy pollution, the index was 216,244,256,226,211,218,299 from 7th to 13th, Dec. 

On 12th, Dec, the heavy pollution weather emergency command to convene City Public Security Bureau, the City Board of Education, City Department of Transportation and other departments held an emergency meeting to discuss response to the response level Ⅰ, and has limited line and suspension of the preparation.

It is stipulated that the first-level response will be activated when the real-time monitoring data of air quality in Xi'an reaches the serious pollution (AQI> 300) for more than 12 hours, or the monitoring data AQI> 500 and no downward trend. China Business News reporter on December 14, Xi'an AQI air quality map shows that from 11 am onwards the pollution index to 300, after 12 noon, the index is more than 300, 7 pm has reached 390, to 11 pm last night , Reaching 385. If the AQI index remains above 300 for 12 hours, the start-up level I response conditions will be met.

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