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TIG/MIG Gloves For TIG/MIG Welding
Jun 29, 2017

TIG/MIG Gloves for TIG/MIG Welding

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TIG glove

The glove of choice for most TIG applications is goatskin or another thin, pliable material. 

They provide excellent movement for the precise welds made with a TIG torch. Since the 

process creates less spatter, TIG gloves won't provide as much protection for hotter 

processes that create more spatter.

Some of Miller's TIG gloves provide extra padding inside the palm or on the outside of the 

hand. They have performed well in reviews, but simple goatskin gloves by Tillman remain one 

of the stop selling gloves for TIG welding because of their excellent fit. Welding Tips and 

Tricks recommends using a Tillman glove with some added padding on the fingers that can rest 

alongside any hot surfaces.

Another feature to consider is whether you want to be able to "sling" your glove off if it 

gets too hot. Gloves with a Velcro strap make it impossible to quickly remove it should it 

become uncomfortable from too much heat during the welding process. 

Other important features to consider include heat-resistant Kevlar thread and either a wool 

or cotton-foam lining for additional protection.

MIG glove

Though some welders use high quality goatskin gloves with a heat-resistant lining for some 

MIG welding applications, the higher amounts of heat and spatter created during the MIG 

process make a thicker glove desirable for some welders. Top-grain cowhide, goatskin, or 

deerskin are all common leather choices you'll find in MIG welding gloves.

A top-grain deerskin glove that molds to your hand offers the protection and flexibility 

that MIG welders need.


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