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Working Shoes

Working Shoes and steel work shoes are the same type, which is a safety work shoe that protects the toes. Safety work shoes and work shoes are safe for the foot and have the same meaning. There are many types, such as protection of toes, puncture resistance, insulation, acid and alkali resistance.
1. Shoe type: (referred to as: model), that is, the length and width of the shoe, whether the width and tightness of the shoe body are consistent with the foot.
2. Upper: Whether the softness of leather can be natural and suitable when walking.
3. Shoe State: Whether the whole shoe state can stick to the foot without hitting the foot, loose and not off, and flexible.
4. Inner pad: Is there a correct use of vibration-activating function, sweat-absorbing function, massage function, and health care function structure.
5. Neri: Whether the correct use of ventilation, waterproof, warmth, and environmentally friendly materials.
6. Sole: It is suitable for regional and various environments to use different levels of substrate and anti-skid requirements. For example: good environment with relatively non-slip, lightweight substrate, and outstanding vibration-proof function. The outdoor site environment is reinforced with anti-slip, wear-resistant substrate and can withstand harsh environments. Subdivided into: white-collar, blue-collar, wages, administrative industry, light industry, heavy industry, site construction, tourism, service industry, etc.
(1) In addition to the appropriate type according to the working conditions, the protective work shoes should be fit and comfortable to wear. This is very heavy.
If you want, carefully select the right job shoe number.
(2) Protective work shoes should have a non-slip design, not only to protect people's feet from injury, but also to prevent accidents caused by the operator being slipped.
(3) All kinds of protective work shoes with different performances must meet the technical indicators of their respective protective performance, such as the toes are not bruised, the soles of the feet are not stabbed, and the insulation is required. But safe work shoes are not omnipotent.
(4) Careful inspection or testing should be carried out before using protective work shoes. In electrical and acid-base operations, damaged and cracked protective work shoes are dangerous.
(5) Protective work shoes should be properly kept after use. Rubber work shoes should be rinsed with water or disinfectant and dried to extend the service life.
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