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Economy Men's Work Safety Shoes Warehouse Steel Toe & Midsole Anti Puncture Anti Hit Leather Boots

The Safety Working Boots are economy level, with synthetic leather instead of genuine leather, and rubber sole to decrease the cost, but providing the genuine leather also. The steel toe cap and steel midsole provides strong protection for the feet.


Economy Men's Work Safety Shoes Warehouse Steel Toe & Midsole Anti Puncture Anti Hit Leather Boots

Safety shoes provides the protection of foot. It has a lot of types, such as the protection of toes, puncture, insulation, acid and so on. The selection of safety shoes should be based on the hazardous nature of the work environment and the degree of harm. Used for ground water or splashing of the workplace. Variety of industrial and mining waterproof shoes, salt shoes, aquatic boots, nursery boots, such boots require wear-resistant, anti-skid, anti-piercing, aquatic products, salt beach boots also salt corrosion. Used for low-temperature operation of the foot protection, so as to avoid frostbite. (Including boots), the latter, such as hot shoes (boots), usually with fuel (such as oil, carbon) electric heat as a heat source. A place for oil or splashing. The main function is anti-burning soup, piercing, to a certain static pressure and resistance to a certain temperature, non-flammable. For the protection of the plantar, to prevent a variety of hard objects stabbed. For the ground with acid and alkali and other corrosive liquids such as acid and alkali splash workplace, anti-acid and alkali shoes (boots) at the end and skin to have a good acid and alkali resistance and anti-permeability performance. The main function is to prevent falling objects to hurt the foot, the shoes before the Baotou have impact of the material.

Product name: Safety Shoes, Steel Toe Shoes.

Material: Synthetic leather or genuine leather upper.

Sole: Rubber, available in steel toe cap and anti-perforation steel midsole.

  9203-1002 sole.jpg

Liner: Air-mesh.

Size: 38-46.

Packaging information: One pair in one box, 10 pairs in one carton. 

Delivery: 30 days after getting the deposit.

Payment: T/T.

M.O.Q: According to customer's request, can be negotiated.

OEM: Yes.

Item code:

9203-1000: Sybnthetic PU leather upper.

9203-1002: Genuine leather upper. 

More information: http://www.handove.com/foot-protection.html

If you're satisfied with our economy men's work safety shoes warehouse steel toe & midsole anti puncture anti hit leather boots, welcome to contact us. As a professional PPE products supplier in China, we have various sizes, colors and designs of products at your choice.

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