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Safety Bodywear

Safety Bodywear products, this category includes working accessories, vests, rain wear, and garments. Take High Visibility Safety Vest Supplier Reflective Working Vests as an example.
We know that reflective materials mainly include reflective film, reflective ink, anti-cursor line paint, reflective cloth, reflective leather, reflective webbing, reflective safety silk fabric and so on. The reason why reflective materials can be reflected is that most of the reflective materials contain a high refractive index glass bead. Because of its existence, the incident light is reflected back to the light source in the original way, forming a phenomenon of retroreflection. Because it concentrates almost all of the light back in a very small range of angles, its brightness is much higher than that of ordinary objects.
The safety vest is a high-tech product produced by using glass microbeads or microprism type materials and adopting the principle of optical refraction directed regression. It has no radioactivity, toxicity and side effects on the human body. Warning signs and clothing labels made of reflective materials are hundreds of times brighter than other non-reflective materials. The gray return-oriented reflective card with a diameter of half a meter can be used to illuminate the car's headlights, allowing the driver to find the target within 800 meters.
Safety vests have obvious effects on ensuring traffic safety, equipment safety and personal safety, especially for the safety of the elderly, children and the disabled. They will play a positive role in greatly reducing various accidents.
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