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Safety Headware includes folded ear muffs, Hard Hat Safety Helmet Chinese Suppliers For Sale, Wholesale Half Mask Air Purify Respirator China Manufature, China Wholesale Disposable Dust Face Surgical Masks Mouth Antidust Filter Safety Medical Respirator, Clear Chemistry Safety Goggle Eye Protection with Anti-fog Resistant Lens ANSI Z87.1 Manufacture Wholesale and so on.
Take Hard Hat Safety Helmet Chinese Suppliers For Sale as an example.
The helmet is a shallow dome hat made of steel or similar material used to protect the head and protects the head from impact damage. It consists of a cap shell, a cap liner, a lower cheek band and a rear cuff. The cap is hemispherical, strong, smooth and flexible, and the impact and puncture kinetic energy of the striker is mainly absorbed by the cap.
There is a space between the cap and the cap liner to cushion and disperse the instantaneous impact force, thereby avoiding or reducing direct damage to the head. Impact suction performance, puncture resistance, lateral rigidity, electrical insulation, and flame retardancy are requirements for the basic technical performance of the helmet.
Main features
Lightweight, low-risk helmet with good air permeability;
It is well ventilated and lightweight, providing the wearer with comprehensive comfort;
Protective effect
When the head of the operator is impacted by the falling object, the helmet cap and the cap lining are used to decompose the impact force into the entire area of the skull bone at an instant, and then the elastic deformation, plastic deformation and permission of the cushion structure of each part of the helmet are utilized. The structural damage absorbs most of the impact force, so that the impact force finally applied to the head of the person is reduced to below 4900 N, thereby protecting the head of the operator. The cap material of the helmet plays an important role in the overall impact resistance of the helmet.
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